HL7812 firmware upgrade fails immediately on linux

I’m trying to upgrade the firmware to HL7812. using the Linux One-click installer but when I run it it fails immediately and doesn’t give a reason why.

`$ SFXTERM=0 DL_PORT=ttyUSB0 DL_BAUD=3000000 ./HL7812.
HL7812. - Firmware Download
Console Log file’s location: “/tmp/HL7812.”
Download Log file’s location: “/tmp/HL7812.”
Use Port: ttyUSB0
Use Baud: 3000000
Use HwFlow: 0

************ Download Start (Tue Jan 24 03:56:01 PM PST 2023) ****************

./ImageBurnTool -f “/tmp/HL7812.” -v RK_03_02_00 E0_SB -n 1 -s 1 /0 /1 /11 /18 /2 partmap.bin /4 CATM2G /7 ue_lte.fw2 /12 /19 /3 /10 oneSKU_config mcu_disable_ALT1250_E0_SB.bin /16 AISE_blob.bin -uartparams 0 1000 3000000 0

************ Download Failed (Tue Jan 24 03:56:01 PM PST 2023) ***************

Please refer to the log files /tmp/HL7812.*.log
Press enter to quit…`

The module is installed in a mangOH Red devkit configured in HL mode. I can access the module’s UART but I am unable to upgrade over UART or USB.

Hi @sam,

Please refer to the following ideas:

When you updated the firmware on the HL7812 did you complete the steps outlined in the HL78 Series Firmware Update Methods. If not, please try again, attached link: HL78 Series Firmware Update Methods

Can you describe the steps you took as well as the full log when the update failed?

Also, if possible, could you please update the firmware on Windows to see if the issue still occurs?