HL7648 firmware update issues

I am trying to update the firmware and I tried the 3 methods here,

I had previously downloaded the One click Windows EXE and the .dwl data file

For each method,

  1. One click method doesn’t work because I don’t have the USB driver.

  2. I have tried creating a file named HL76xx_download.ini and HL_7648_download.ini in the %APPDATA% and other directories but the program always selects USB1.

  3. The XMODEM 1K method worked a few months ago but the only program I know that transfers this protocol is ExtraPutty. Now it keeps crashing. I installed a different version and it also crashes. I do not know of an interactive Linux terminal that sends this protocol.

You can try sz tool to send file

Looked into why the solution link above mentioned Tera Term, I found that it does support xmodem 1k, but that option for this GUI terminal is set in a configuration file! Firmware update completed.