HL7800 Firmware update


I am confused about how to update the HL7800 firmware. I searched in the ressources
but "Firmware&drivers heeds no result.

Can someone please point me to a source an possibly a description how to do the update?

The module I am using outputs this info. How to spot the current FW?

2019/01/25 14:13:05
IMEI-SV: 3594160905274201
Legato RTOS: 18.04.2.ALT1250.rc19 2018/11/26 12:55:45
atSwi: 07.13
UBOOT: 01.03
Apps: RKAPP_02_00_00_00_75__bc1a6e4d8f59d38d8288342d58f39215c9882a6f
Modem Apps: ALT1250_02_00_00_00_28_MA
MAC: ALT1250_02_00_00_00_93_FW
PHY: 12.50.201978
PMP: 203621


I think FW is still in Beta.
This is a Windows tool to update to the latest Beta
Just execute it and will do the udpate via to the HL7800 uart.

Where did you find this utility? Where can similar utilities (HL7800-M) be found? I’ve been searching for hours.

Hi @jacobfaseler,

You can use the FW posted by ibs92 for HL7800-M. HL7800-M is just naming convention on the module.