HL6528RD firmware update


Firmware update method of HL6528RD is different from that of HL6528.
The former is a .exe file while the latter is .pac file format and make use of hiloupgrader.

What to do to support HL6528RD firmware update?

what I know so far is to change the port and baud rate in entry.bat.
But what mode should the HL6528RD (MUX mode / non-MUX mode) and the overall firmware update flow, I cannot find them in details.

Thanks in advance.


If it’s .exe file, you can directly run that…


Hi Alex,

I got same message from FAE too, but it cannot help.
When I run the .exe file, it opens up a cmd prompt, the last message I can see is “Please reboot your module…”

At this moment, I trace and see the .exe send “0xA0” character continuously. I think it may be kind of handshake command.
However, the module send “0x0D” character to PC program, and 5s later, module send “0x1A” to PC program.

I don’t know the meaning of the 2 characters… seems handshake fails.
What are the meaning of the 2 characters?
How can I make the download progress success in this situation?



If you check ASCII table, 0xA0 corresponds to ‘LF’, “0x0D” corresponds to ‘CR’ and “0x1A” corresponds to ‘SUB’.

Once you got “Please reboot your module…”, Did you reboot the module? After that also you are not able to update FW?
In that case I will suggest you to remove power supply of the module and put it back :wink: