Firmware Update HL6528 ( -> via Hilo Upgrade

[] MobileHILO2 (dll): used
] Firmware update on HL6528 from -> was done successfully
[] Firmware update on HL6528 from -> failed
] Error Message “Detect proecess encountered an Error! Please Power on the module” - although the module is correctly powered
[*] Please contact the system engineering for HL Series!

For initiating the firmware update following steps were done:
[] power on the module
] #PWR_ON Pin is low for 2 seconds
[*] Start button on Hilo upgrader pressed

Is there a possibility to recover the HL6528 device after firmware update has failed?

Can you check if the corresponding .SAV exists in your PC. If the .SAV is there in your PC, then try the “Force download” mode to see if you can succeed. Steps has mentioned below:
Run HiloUpgrader–>Set the path of .pac --> “Ctrl+Alt+E” to enter “expert mode" -->Select “Force Download”–>Upgrade…

By using “Force download”, it’ll bypass first step of “Saving Parameters” and go directly to the second step.
Sometimes you may be asked to power OFF/ON module during the upgrade.
The way could only succeed when the “old [SerialNumber+DateTime].SAV” is already in your PC.
The “old .SAV” could be in: C:\Program Files\HiloUpgrader or C:\Users\xxxxxx\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\HiloUpgrader

Note: If the .SAV not saved in your PC, then even if you succeed “Force download” the binary, but IMEI, RF, key, etc. will not be restored.