HL6528RD don't support AT+KFSFILE, AT+KPLAYAMR

Hi all,

before, I using HL6528 - 2.8V, it support 2 command: AT+KFSFILE, AT+KPLAYAMR. But now, I changed to HL6528RD, it don’t support commands these. I can replace 2 feature by others in HL6528RD.

Thank all!

As I understand, RD version has different chip set and doesn’t have enough flash memory for the end user, only for internal use, OTA firmware update and such. That is why there is no file system access in RD version.

May I add, this is to bad because it was very useful. I used to download application firmware from FTP server to HL6528G-2.8V internal flash and than securely update microcontroler firmware in next reboot, use it for some logging and device configuration data.

now with RD series I had to implement external flash memory chip to do the same.