USB Configuration for HL6528RD-2.8V

Hello ,
We want to use USB feature of HL6528RD-2.8V and thus were exploring configuration changes that we need for this.Will it start accepting AT commands on USB on its own without configuration changes .we found that “AT+KSIOCFG=1” need to be done in order to use USB for AT/Data and Trace.

We want to know that for the first time when this command will be fired,it shall be fired over USB or UART ?

Kindly enlighten us about this .



Assuming that you can get AT commands over USB working (I have just got mine to a state where it is not enumerating to my PC correctly) then the command would always need to go over the UART first, all of our current SKU’s will have either setting 0 or 2 (probably 2) so that AT commands go out over the UART.

Given what I have just done I would definitely advise caution, I do not know anyone using AT commands over USB on the HL6528RD.