Help with GX440


I purchased a group of used Verizon GX440 gateways and I’m trying to add them to our existing pool of Sierra gateways (upgrading our old 3G gateways). When I try to access the GUI after a hard reset of the device I’m unable to log in with the default password. I’m guessing the reset to default option has been disabled. I had read that I’m able to reset the admin password when adding the gateway to AirVantage but I can’t add it without the static IP address. The gateway isn’t getting a IP address and Verizon thinks it may be that the APN is incorrect.

Anyone have any ideas to get me past this road block?? Thanks in advance.


You can try to press the Reset button for between 5 and 20 seconds. (Release the button when the Power LED flashes red.) Once the LEDs resume their normal operating behavior, the reset is complete.
You can then log in using the username: user and the password at the bottom of the gateway (if have) or default password: 12345

Go to Register → Select a system type: AirLink GX440 on Airvantage server. You only need to fill in the IMEI, Serial number, Name of gateway to add it to Airvantage server.
Please find the screenshot for your reference.

Please make sure you have the correct “vzwinternet” Verizon APN and GX440 Firmware Packages for Verizon.

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