GX450 LED FLASH error

What does this flash sequence mean for our device?

Start up ALL LED FLASH RED, off, double flash ALL RED, sequential off from POWER-ACTIVITY-SINGAL-NETWORK, repeats.

Hi @michael.santos

According to the AirLink GX450 Hardware User Guide 1, the meaning of LED behavior for our device:

Solid Red Gateway is not operational (failure or in low power mode).

Flashing Red No signal (RSSI < -110 dBm)

Flashing Red Authentication/Negotiation failed (EV-DO only)

Flashing Red Traffic is being transmitted or received over the serial port. (This
behavior only appears if the AirLink gateway is configured to display it.
Refer to the ALEOS Software Configuration Guide for details.)

Make sure that the “Radio Module Firmware” and the SIM card are correct.

Please refer to pages 30,31 in the AirLink GX450 Hardware User Guide for more details.

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