GFX450 3 red leds

Hi, I have a GX-450 that doesn’t start. It has the Power, Activity and Signal led in solid red. Then the Network led is off. I have no access to ACE Manager, I’ve been trying to reboot it, reboot it from factory, etc. and nothing happened. I also even tried with a new radio module. Does anybody had this problem before? and know how to solve it? Thanks

Hi @matias.zandstra,

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  1. Please ensure that the Power cable is still functioning properly and matches the description in the Hardware User Guide.
  2. Has the Power LED on the GX450 ever shown as Solid Green? Have you tried reconnecting the power and observed whether the LED changes its status?
  3. When you connect the USB from the GX450 to the computer, does anything appear under Ports and Network Adapter sections? Please share a screenshot.