GX450 still flashing amber and red after verifying RM firmware in store

One of our GX450 gateways had to be put in recovery mode and have ALEOS reinstalled. We installed 4.9.4, then 4.9.6 with the appropriate VZW RM firmware, then to 4.9.4. Our network and signal LEDs flash amber and red still and I’ve verified that the correct RM firmware is in the store. I’ve also (after installing 4.9.4) re-entered the APN and it shows up correctly. This device still will not connect to the Verizon network. Please help!

Hi @jtcrook,

  • Please make sure you have attached the antennas to the GX450. Two antennas are required when connecting to an LTE network.
  • What version of the Verizon radio module are you currently using? If the Network indicator is flashing Red/Amber, it means the gateway cannot locate the required radio module firmware. You must upgrade the radio module firmware for the gateway.
    → For more details on LED Behavior, you can refer to pages 30-31 of the GX450 Hardware User Guide at the following link: source.sierrawireless.com/resources/airlink/hardware_reference_docs/airlink_gx450_userguide/
  • Additionally, please provide log file and template file with me.


The RM firmware is MC7354_05.05.58.05_VZW_005.032_000. Both antennas are attached as well. Also, in previous post, I meant to say that we upgraded the gateway to 4.9.9 after 4.9.6.

Hi @jtcrook,

Please provide full log file and template file with me.

***Here are the instructions for obtaining the log file and template file:

  1. The configuration template file can be found in ACEmanager → Template. Provide any desired name for the Template Name, and then press Download to retrieve the template file.
  2. Obtain log file:
    a. Go to AceManager > Admin > Log > Configure Logging.

Set all log levels to DEFAULT (NOTICE).

Set Linux Syslog to DISPLAY.

Then select Apply.

b. Reboot the gateway.

c. Go to Admin → View log → Download Logs.