GX450 ALEOS 4.9 FW Upgrade taking forever

I have an older GX450 installed in an emergency vehicle that needed to be hard re-booted every other week or so. It’s on VZW. It is currently running ALEOS 4.8 so I figured I would update it. The update started to take, I did not get any error message, but after 4 hours of the spinning update wheel I gave up and had to disconnect. Any thoughts? I did put a call into tech support and the reps only response was buy an RV50!

Hi @mmiller1,

Good morning,

I am attempting to upgrade via ACE manager. I have no problem accessing ACE manager. I followed the instructions for Recovery Mode and have received an “Installation Success” message but it has been rebooting for almost 2 hours!


Hi @mmiller1,

Are you able to access ACE manager after reboot loop? Normally, when the device is getting in stuck reboot loop we can use Recovery mode to make it back. In this case, the device got success message but went to reboot loop. I am thinking about a hardware problem. We can help you on mismatch configuration/software problem but hardware. Can you verify with your distributor on it?