GX450 wifi disabled upon reboot

I can get into ACE manager and setup the configuration I want, however, upon reboot the wifi is disabled. This happens every single time with the configuration never ‘taking’. Does anyone know what is going on?

Hi cbb5,

Could you please provide some info about your problem?


Thank you for the response!
I tried installing new ALEOS software (running 4.6ish) and FW but it just hung up. Never completed the process.
After reboot, the WIFI tab shows “disabled”

Attached is the screenshot from the software firmware update tab

It will not update either…it just hangs up on me and times out.

Hi cbb5,

Let try to put your device in recovery mode and update the firmware.

  1. First off, save your configuration by going to ACEmanager → Template → Give a name and Download template.

  2. Download the latest document below and

  3. Follow step by step carefully on pages 17 & 18