Generic file upload


Is it possible to upload a generic file (just like “test.dat”) on the flash memory and have the application read its contents? I don’t need to do it dynamically, just do it once at development time.
I’m using a Fastrack Xtend and Developer Studio


I think it would be better if you would describe what you’re actually trying to achieve here.

When people know what your actual aim is, they can advise on appropriate solutions - rather than just try to follow what might be an inherently broken approach…


Let me explain by way of a quote from a blog:

Your original post is like the schematic: it proposes a solution - without actually stating what problem it is intended to solve!


Currently my aim is to play a recorded wav, but later it may be other things.
I asked a general question, because i’m interested in learning, not just doing. As for the doing, i know i can embed the file contents in the application code as a constant.
So, is it possible to upload a generic file on the flash memory and have the application read its contents? If the question isn’t clear just tell me. Thanks


Fair enough, but you need to make these things clear. Remember that nobody knows any thing about you, your project(s), or your requirements other than what you explicitly state in your posts.


Clearly, that will require:

  1. Something on the “host” device (eg, PC) to select & send the file;
  2. An Open-AT application that can receive this data - and then write it to Flash

You will have to write the application such that it can recognise the file type and, then, interpret its contents accordingly.


Thanks. I don’t need the Open-AT application to receive the data dinamically at runtime; all i need is to upload the file(s) once, at development time. Can i do this with Developer Studio?

The application itself only has to read data which is already on flash memory. No problem with interpreting the data, but how do i access them physically? I read the ADL user guide and i think i should use the “Application & Data Storage Service” functions… adl_adInfo can read a cell content, but does the cell have to be previously written by the application with adl_adWrite? Or can it be filled at development time with a manual upload?



You could have a separate application to load the flash; so you have that program the flash, then load your “real” application which will be able to read it…

You could use either the A&D Service, or the Flash Service.

It has to be written by an application.

With the Flash Service, the stored data certainly remains when the application is replaced;
I’ve not tried it with A&D - but I would have thought the same would apply…?

No - see above.


Perfect! Thank you