The Basics

I am new to the FastTrack Sumpreme. I have not been able to find the programming guide. At this point, I just want to understand how the OpenATSDK interfaces and programs the software into the FastTrack Sumpreme FLASH memory. Does it do this through the RS-232 connection? Is the programming of the device integrated into the SDK?

Thanks - DAn

All the documentation is in the SDK.
Do you have the SDK?
Have you installed it?

Take a look at the Tools Manual for Open-AT
For how to find it, see: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=1960&p=7291&hilit=folder#p7291


I’m not sure about the latest SDK, but it wasn’t on the SDK for v3.x :frowning:

What does this mean? “Programming” = Eclipse CDT or TMT or downloader? Was/Is something missing that shouldn’t be?

Good point!

What I meant was that downloading is not integrated into the SDK for v3.x

(actually, there is a ‘download’ button in the v3.12 TMT, but it’s so slow as to be virtually unusable!)