Problems with Hello World



I am using a Fastrack Supreme 20 I just bought and I have trouble running hello world aplication. I am using Eclipse and trying to run it as RTE.

The problem is I don’t get the “hello world” in the terminal emulator. I just get +wind…, +stin and +creg comands…

And through the target monitoring tool I just see this:
Trace ATI 1 Unable to find the string of the remote trace in the file (ID = 8842)
Trace HWL 1 ARM Data Abort at 000183B0, Current Task 0x00
Trace RTK 1 ================== RTK STATUS start ==================
Trace RTK 1 ================== RTK STATUS end ==================

Can you please help me??, I am just begining and really need some help

Apreciate your help in advance.


Please I need some help!! If I cannot make hello world to work I am dead with my project. Please

I am following the instructions on the pdf: tutorial for open at.
I have some doubts on some steps:
1- When I build make target (build rte) the console shows some errors: I copy them down here. I don’t know if these errors are the cause for the problem or they should not stop the aplication from working.

No remote trace file found 
 Create TMT archive file 
ls: cannot access ../out/pro-lib.bin: No such file or directory
ls: cannot access ../out/pro-lib.bin: No such file or directory 
    Make an archive file for TMT application
	zip warning: name not matched: ../out/tmt/e2p_csn.cso
zip error: Nothing to do! (../out/tmt/
	zip warning: name not matched: ../out/tmt/backtraces.axf
zip error: Nothing to do! (../out/tmt/
	zip warning: name not matched: ../out/tmt/backtraces64k.axf

2- When I click on “Get Versions” toolbar button on the target monitoring tool it says that the versions do not match. Is this a problem? Do I have to update open at version on the modem?
3- When the instructions say: “In the IDE: Launch the aplication with the toolbar button in eclipse”. I have to push the debug button or the run button?
4- When I push the debug button an error comes: “Thread [1] (Suspended: Signal ‘SIGSEGV’ received. Description: Segmentation fault.) <Stack is not available: Cannot access memory at address 0x200000.>”. Do you know what’s wrong?
5- When I push run button the Remote Tasks Monitor appears. The instruction say I have to select Level 1 of CSU4 task. But in the combo to select groups there is no group called CUS4. I just have one named ADL. Is this a problem?

6- When I try to run the aplication directly on target I cannot download the aplication to the modem. I use at comand at+wdwl. It works fine. But after I select the file in the hyperterminal and push send, it suddenly stops and the terminal shows: “ERROR”. Do you know what could be happening? I am using a usb to serial cable as my computer does not have serial conector, is this a problem?

I know I have a lot of answers but I really need your help as I am just starting.