When the 'hello world' tutorial doesn't work.


This is intended for newcomers (like me) who are developing for fasttrack supreme.

I’ve installed OpenAT (2.2a) and Cygwin three times now, but I can’t shake this error message,

“Loading project settings…
[wmmake error #11] The xsltproc package is not installed on the system.”

The answer to this one is (as described elsewhere) to do a full installation of Cygwin. Just reinstalling
from the local directory, when you only downloaded the default just won’t do. (doh!!!). However, this
might just lead to

“Updating RTE kernel file…
no generated DLL found…
[wmmake error #1] Build error.”

It feels like everything is made out of carefully balanced toothpicks. Change something and it all colllapses.
“Hello World” tutorial is proving very difficult to do.

Update for those who follow.

Deleted the project and started again with the project wizard.
Everything compiled and linked successfully.

Now the target monitoring or the terminal emulator tools don’t seem to connect to the modem.
The help screen for the terminal emulator seem to be talking of a slightly different product.
Hyperterminal has no problem communicating with the modem. I’m using the tool tutorial but
it doesn’t behave the way the tutorial expects it to.

Update .
I now have the TE connected and communicating to the modem but TMT refuses to detect it.
I’m not sure if I should see anything or everything thaty passes through the serial link manager.
I just have open and close serial port messages.

Update .
The TMT is now communicating. To do this - ignore anything to do with autobauding; fix your rates and
then make sure that the modem has its rate fixed as well; i.e. do not have an ‘at+ipr=0’.
As for the Serial Link Manager it seems to maintain a simple port status check (open - closed), nothing else.

However it only does this once and then nothing happens after a few trace messages are uploaded.
Also the modem is left in a strange mode where none of the AT commands are responded to.

Update .
More specifically - to make sure this is repeatable, start TMT with the modem powered off (or held in reset;
else where someone has constructed a cable to allow this). Once TMT has launched itself then power up the
modem, then execute the autodetect.

You can achieve the same power up effect by closing the com port, power-cycling the modem (i.e. off then on)
and opening the com port from TMT commands then hit the autodetect button.

Again it only happens once and the modem is left hanging.

Update .
Turns out the OS in my clients modem is not compatible with the code created by the download environment.
This is mentioned in one of the many pdfs. The solution is to upgrade the OS in the modem. But you need
either a boot cable to do this or a special file to use via x-modem which my client’s distributor is sending me.
There are details on the producing and using the boot cable elsewhere in these forums.

Update .
You don’t need the boot cable. Most of the files you need are provided in openat\firmware\resources.
The one that is missing from there is ‘dwl_port.dwl’. See your distributor for this file.
However there is a file there called ‘dwl.dwl’ which may be the equivalent but I wouldn’t use this without
confirmation that it is the same. The procedure to follow using hyperterminal is

  1. Send ‘AT+WOPEN=0’ and then ‘AT+WOPEN=4’ to turn off and delete any installed application.
  2. Send ‘AT+WDWL’ to enter download mode - you should see a ‘double-S’ character appear every second.
  3. From Hyperterminal’s menu, select ‘Send File’, choose ‘1K XMODEM protocol’ and browse for the ‘dwl_port.dwl’ file saved in step 1. Click ‘Send’.
  4. When the file is sent, enter ‘AT+CFUN=1’ to cause a reboot.
  5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 using the ‘R71a01_full_fsu001.dwl’ file. (for a fasttrack supreme 10)
  6. Repeat steps 2 to 4 using the ‘w.dwl’ file.

My monitoring tool still doesn’t work but I have loaded and run the ‘hello world’ application.

This kind of trivial stuff really should be mentioned somewhere in an installation guide or a ‘when the tutorial
doesn’t work’ section in the tutorial or pre-requisites at the begining of the tutorial.


Steve Jag

I need help initiating a download sequence. I only recieve error after the ‘AT+WDWL’ command.