Can not download to target with Hyperterminal

I can not download a *.dwl file to a M1306B modem. Everthing happens exactly like the tutorial says, there are no error messages. When I try to start the embedded aplication with AT+WOPEN=1 nothing happens. The module just reply with OK.

I am using the Hello_World.dwl file that was compiled by Wavecom as part of their examples.

I also can not see it with the Target monitoring Tool either.

ATI3 gives:
652a09gg.Q2406B 1489876 060706 17:19
AT+WOPEN=2 gives:
“AT v03.04”

The cable I use:
DB9 DB15
1 1
2 6
3 2
4 8
5 9
6 7
7 12
8 11
9 13

Can anybody please help?

If the modem return
AT+WOPEN=2 gives:
“AT v03.04”
then you do not have an application on the modem yet.
if you just ommited to write the second V03.04 then you can delete your application and reload the “652a_w.dwl” file
Best regards


Thanks it worked :smiley:


Thanks it worked!!