Can not download dwl file into the module

The response after the download command is:

See bottom / left.

Tried 3 different modems. The Hello world can be loaded. Loading succeeded via Xmodem.

You mean using AT+WDWL from a terminal program, or similar?

Please can you attach the error log to this thread?
(.log file in your /.metadata directory; please zip it before attach)

Thanks for fast reply.

Yes, I was using +wdwl and hyperterm, when succeeded. (1.08 KB)

There is an issue while parsing the DWL file, when DS checks its expanded size WRT the available one in the module’s memory (improvement added in 2.1.0)
We shall add a protection to avoid such kind of behavior, but please could you attach the dwl file here, in order to let us understand why the parsing fails?

Sent you a pm.

The DWL is indeed not parsed correctly by DS (which can’t recognize it as an Open AT app).
How this file has been generated?
Was something added to the DS generation process, or is there something specific in the project configation (as you said that downloading a simple HelloWorld is OK…)?

If it’s possible, can you try reproducing the issue on a simple project, and attach it here?

It is an OpenAt Lua project. The app was loaded into the module (with Xmodem), when I took a snip for my first post, so its properties can be seen there.

As I made a snapshot of the VM, I was able to clean build project, again with no download. However, when I just switched two statements, the download succeeded with no complaints. Every change in source (binaries, comments do not have effect) enabled the download.

Ok, quite strange…
Anyway, we’ll improve the DWL parser to ensure it can’t be “disturbed” by such kind of “corrupted” DWL files.

Just pushed a patch to fix the size check bug: