DWL file overflow

What does it mean :question: :confused:

That’s Dev Studio 2.1.0.

The file downloads fine using 1K-XMODEM and hyperterminal

Sounds like an issue in the DS DWL file parser.
Please can you attach the DWL file, or send it to me in PM?

When I use developer studio to download a binary to the device, I get an error when selecting the .Dwl file:
“DWL file overflow”.

When I removed one line of code, like “TRACE((…))” I was able to download it correctly again.

Whats wrong?

Do we have fix for this issue yet please?

Developer Studio Version

DWL size is only about 48K bytes .

I have attached the DWL file.
TestGPIO.rar (48.3 KB)

My DWL files was quite large; ~900K,

Does suggest that it is a matter of incorrectly parsing the file - rather than its size as such?

For me, the problem just went a way (after a “clean” of the project?) - so I don’t have an example of the offending DWL file.

A clean and rebuild didn’t work for me so I did the following:

  • closed Developer studio
  • cleared the flash
  • loaded the application using X-Modem
  • restarted Developer Studio

I could then make a source change, rebuild and reload the application using Developer Studio.

Its just happened again with a different DWL file (48K).

I can confirm that :

  • cleaning and rebuilding doesn’t fix the problem.
  • a different DWL file can be successfully loaded but reloading of the first file still fails with the same error.
  • power cycling the target and restarting Developer Studio makes no difference.
  • the file can be loaded with Xmodem-1K and executes OK

This does further point to it being a problem in DevStudio’s parsing of the file, rather than in the file itself.

When DS fails to load a file to the target, I always try XMODEM - it will, at least, give a better idea of where the process is failing…

We reproduced the issue here with the attached DWL file, and it’s indeed an issue in the DWL file parser.
In addition to fixing this particular issue, we’re looking forward to let DS download the file even if it can’t parse it correctly.
Fixes will be embedded in next DS release.

Thanks for confirming! :smiley:

Can you give more detail - or, at least, how to work around?

Good idea.

Unfortunately in this case, there is no workaround.
DS extracts the WPB file from the DWL file, and then (try to) uncompress the WPB file to parse the BIN file (to get the checksum, etc…)
But with this particular file, the uncompress utility refuses to run (on Windows, works perfectly on Linux… maybe the workaround would be: go to Linux :wink: )
We’re going to have a look and fix the uncompress utility.