[Patch] Traces view replacement bug in DS 2.1.0


Hi all,

As reported in this post, new characters replacement capability of DS 2.1.0 is not efficient for
replacement fields (e.g. %u):
We’re proposing a patch to fix this bug, which can be considered as a regression in 2.1.0

Other bugs fixed
Please note that this patch:

Patch install
To install the patch:

  • Download the patch file: patchTM.zip (736 KB)
  • In DS 2.1.0, go to Help > Install New Software
  • Drag’n drop the zip file in the dialog
  • Uncheck “Group items by category” checkbox
  • Select “Patch for Target Manager” item
  • Click Install and follow the steps

After have restarted Developer Studio, the replacement bug will be fixed.