[Patch] Traces view "freeze" bug in DS 2.1.0

Hi all,

we’ve noticed a freeze bug in Traces view, which appeared in DS 2.1.0

Bug description:
When using traces, the traces view fills until its internal buffer is full. This internal buffer size can be configured in the preferences (Developer Studio > Target Management > Traces), and the default is 10000 lines. Normally, the expected behavior is that when the buffer is full, the Traces view starts “forgetting” old traces to display the new ones.
Actually, the bug is that as soon as the buffer is full, the traces view content won’t display new traces until the view is cleared (thanks to the “Clear” button).

Patch install
We’re proposing a patch to fix this bug.
To install it:

  • Download the patch file: patchTM.zip (536 KB)
  • In DS 2.1.0, go to Help > Install New Software
  • Drag’n drop the zip file in the dialog
  • Uncheck “Group items by category” checkbox
  • Select “Patch for Target Manager” item
  • Click Install and follow the steps

After have restarted Developer Studio, the freeze bug will be fixed.