Getting DS 1.2.0 to remember my layout

Every time I open Developer Studio, I have to reset my Traces window column widths. I don’t use the comment column, and I want the Message column to span the width of the window. Is there any way to persist these settings? I’d also like to be able to control the font size, is this a possibility?


Currently not possible, but now your point is logged for enhancement in next release.

Didn’t make it into 2.0.0 :frowning:

I also find that adjusting the main messages column will (sometime) set the other columns to inappropriately-small widths.

I would like the timestamps selection to be “sticky” (ie, remembered between sessions).

I generally find that the timestamp is too wide: usually just displaying hh:mm:ss.SSS would be plenty - year, month & day just wastes screen width (they should still be recorded; just don’t need to be displayed).

And what is the 3-digit number after the timestamp:

See also:

Please note the layout persistence is fixed in incoming 2.1.0

Mmmm… didn’t I already answered to that question? :slight_smile:
You can configure the timestamp format in the traces preferences.

Simple counter when several traces are received within the same millisecond. As the trace view is defaultly sorted on the timestamp, this allows to have your trace in the correct order.


I thought that was just for the file?

The file should record the full timestamp, but just hh:mm:ss.SSS would be sufficient (for me) on screen.

So what does it mean when some are missing; eg,

The timestamp format in the preferences configures both (file & traces view in DS)

Means that DS has received other traces (on a level you’ve not enabled, or even maybe some FW traces) interleaved with yours.

I see!

As noted above, I think there needs to be separate settings for screen & file.

Alternatively, make Date & Time separate…

See also: viewtopic.php?f=108&t=5395&p=23706#p23706

Cf for the solution we’ve decided to implement.