Traces timestamp

does anyone know how to change the 12! hour clock of the timestampt to a 24h clock?
right now (18:21), my traces are logged as 6:21 :exclamation:

Already a known issue, with no workaround :frowning:
Logged for fix in 1.2.0

I found the full date+time stamp to be far too cumbersome & verbose!

I much prefer the old (TMT) style - where it was just an incrementing count of seconds…

But we have users who plan to save trace logs over hours (e.g. to track a bug not easy to reproduce)
Maybe sould we introduce a way to configure the timestamp format.

Or even days - I’ve done that myself!

But it shouldn’t be a problem - after all, UNIX stores times as a 32-bit count of seconds since January 1 1970, 00:00:00 UTC (the Unix epoch).

Similarly Excel and other such applications…

Definitely! :smiley: