Errors in the RTE Library

Hi all,

it seems, there are some errors in the libraries which are linked to the debug version of the application.
For example: Converting the time to the timestamp using

adl_rtcConvertTime(&time, &timestamp, ADL_RTC_CONVERT_TO_TIMESTAMP)

shall give the time as unix time, which starts 1.1.1970 00:00. In the target version the function works right, but in the debug version the unix time will start at 1.1.1970 01:00. So the timestamp from 1.1.1970 01:00 on the target version is 3600 but in the debug version the timestamp is 0.

Is there a list available with errors in the rte libraries? I’m using OAT v3.10

Bye, Ralf

Hi Ralf,

It’s still the same in the OpenAT 4.20 in debug mode…

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I’d like to bring this issue back to life. After 3 years of software evolution, things remain the same.

The following code …

adl_rtcConvertTime(&time1, &timestamp, ADL_RTC_CONVERT_TO_TIMESTAMP); 
adl_rtcConvertTime(&time2, &timestamp, ADL_RTC_CONVERT_FROM_TIMESTAMP);

… will have this funny result: time2 will be 1 hour ahead of time1, in rte mode at least. (I’ll check in runtime when I find a spare moment).

I’m using OpenAT 4.21 with a Fastrack Supreme 10 6.63.

Not some effect of “daylight saving”, is it…?

Confirmed: once compiled and tested in the target device, the problem does not manifest.

So it is probably, as awneil suggested, a problem with the summer time configuration in the PC running the rte environment.