Remote (RTE) mode does not work the same as normal mode

Has anyone had anyone had any luck using the remote mode to debug OpenAT applications? So far I have not found it much use for anything more than checking for compile errors and debugging my AT+ commands.

The problem is that if I try to make a GPRS/IP connection when running the application from Visual C++ it won’t work (even though it works fine when run in the modem). There seem to be 2 problems I have noted (which are probably related).
Firstly, the SIM state doesn’t ever get to ADL_SIM_STATE_FULL_INIT. If I call adl_simGetState() it returns ADL_SIM_STATE_PIN_OK, but never changes to ADL_SIM_STATE_FULL_INIT.
Secondly, I cannot get ed_DialupConnectionStart() to work in remote debug mode. The GPRS attach works fine, then I call ed_DialupConnectionStart(), which returns a sucessful result, but then the handler that I passed to ed_DialupConnectionStart() returns ED_ERR_WM_GPRS_OPEN and the trace shows an error -9 (seems to be ADL_RET_ERR_PIN_KO)
as follows -

89.931 Trace IP 1 [ed_DialupConnectionStart]
90.010 Trace IP 31 Gprs setup 1 : -9
90.041 Trace IP 10 [GPRS Open] Gprs Setup function returned error -9
90.074 Trace IP 10 [GPRS Activation Request] Open Failed
90.117 Trace IP 10 [GPRS Activation Result] Connection Down

What am I doing wrong?
This is with OpenAT 3.02.


Yes, I have.

Certain limitations are documented.

One problem I’ve had: … .php?t=649