Target Monitoring Tool



I am reading “Tutorial for Open AT IDE v1.04” (trying to do Hello World example), and got stuck at step 3.2 Running the Remote Application (page # 18/33).
I should start the Target Monitoring Tool (from Windows Start Menu) but I do not see it.

I also do not see Serial Link Manager or Terminal Emulator. Shouldn’t that all come with Open AT SDK.

Can someone please advise how can I find (get) it?

Thanks in advance.


Search for the files:

  • MoKa.exe
  • Selima.exe
  • Inca.exe
    They are usually installed in a folder named “totem”.


Thanks for the fast reply!
No, I do not have folder “totem” or any of the above three files.


Now, that I know missing file names I was able to find them on the Wavecom’s Web Site.
Products -> Software Tools -> Development Toolkit v2.9.7
Thanks again, that solved my problem. :smiley:


Where did you find “Software Tools” in the products area? Did you login?


Yes, you need to have a username and a password to access the Support section of the Wavecom Web Site.


Another problem,
After we installed Development Toolkit v2.9.7, TMT or TE cannot start.
When I try to start TMT following message appears: “Unable to Initialize Serial Link Manager”
Then: “TMT has encountered a problem and need to close…”
Last message appears when I try to start TE too.
Can someone please advice?



After we uninstalled and reinstalled the OpenAT + tools, then restarted the PC everything seems to be working OK. :slight_smile: