target monitoring tool not getting info about target


I am trying to run the hello world application, but I am stuck at point 3.2 “In the target monitoring tool”

Getting information about target always says “NOT RECEIVED”

Auto speed configuration works only if I stop transmission in serial link manager and then start it again (works just once after I do it)

After successful auto conf I get this messages in trace

Trace	ATI	1	Unable to find the string of the remote trace in the file (ID = 8842)
Trace		1	Unable to find the string of the remote trace in the file (ID = 11688)
Trace		1	Unable to find the string of the remote trace in the file (ID = 11688)

I can connect to modem with putty or terminal emulator. What am I doing wrong?

663_09gg.FSU002 1955080 080207 16:01 - open at version
Version - target monitoring tool version

You have to first synchronize your TMT/TE with the Wavecom modem. This you can do by either pressing the “Auto detect” symbol in TMT, or by pressing “Ctrl+T” or by pressing “Ctrl+I”. Once the tool is synchronized with the modem, you will be able to communicate with it using TMT/TE. Also make sure that the baudrate used by the modem (AT+IPR) and the baud rate used by TMT/TE (SELIMA) are the same.

Also, i can see from the traces that you have posted that you are not using the correct workspace. It is always good to use the correct workspace (corresponding to the firmware) to get the correct debug information.

Hi paruthiv,

you wrote

I have the same issue.

at+wopen=2 tells

For m1306b I have SDK version 3.19 that has os version 3.14.03. So my apps are based on lib 3.14. But the device has OpenAT lib version 3.12. I reflashed a firmware to 657e via DWLWin (wpb file from distributor) and hyperterminal (dwl file from sdk), but on device OpenAT lib still has 3.12 version.

What should I do to upgrade OpenAT Lib on a device?


Hi iliavlad

as Wavecom told me this is correct: The firmware 6.57e use the internal library v3.12 and the OpenAT SDK 3.17 use the external library v3.14.
In the past the internal and the external libraries had the same versions but now the internal and the external libraries has different evolutions and so the version numbers are different :confused: .

Regards, Ralf

Thanks a lot, Ralf.

But what to do with traces?

from build log

from c:\OpenAT\IDE\IDE\1.04.07\sgt\mak\maketmt.mak

“remtrace.csv” is created by wmtpp (c:\OpenAT\IDE\IDE\1.04.07\sgt\tools\cygwin\wmtpp.exe or in linux folder), but it seems that the program does not run while an app is being built. Why? What should I do to run wmtpp when build an app?