Better tools: download direct from TMT

It would be really useful to be able to download Open-AT Applications from within the Target Monitoring Tool.

Currently, you have to close TMT (and the terminal emulator, if used), start Hypoterminal (or whatever), do the download, close Hypoterminal, restart TMT (and restart the terminal emulator, if used).

This is all very cumbersome and laborious. :frowning:

Hi awneil,

you’re right. I have some problems using TMT too because my application communicates with an external device using an IEC1107-Protocol. Because the application must switch the baudrate/data format so I cannot use the external com feature from the terminal emulator. I’ve asked wavecom for the specification of the protocol but they don’t answer such questions.

Jans Terminal-Utility is fine for the most purposes but if someone need tracing it seems there is no other utility available now :frowning:

Best Regards,