UART1 Terminal Emulator in Data Mode


I am having wavecom Fasttrack modem. This is used for custom application to collect the data through UART and transmit the same through GPRS.

I came to know from the TMT user manual that its possible to use UART1 in the modem for both data collection(using serial link manager/External COM optin in the terminal emulator) and also for debugging.

I have connected the modem to COM1 of the PC and COM2 of the PC is connected to the custom equipment from where the data needs to be collected. Here COM2 is used as a External COM in data mode of the terminal emulator.

But I am facing some problem in data collection through external COM in Terminal Emulator Data Mode. When I give Open ON line after downloading the application through debugger, the terminal emulator is getting hanged.

Is there any sequence to be followed for opening the External COM in the terminal emulator. Till now it worked for me twice. But I am not able to figure out the clear procedure.

Could any one help me in the correct procedure.

Thanks a lot in advance.