2nd Uart for Development?

Would you advise adding one of the slot in cards to add an extra physical UART to the Wavecom unit (FastTrack Supreme), to avoid having debug/control on the same Uart as the input you are trying develop and application for?

Definitely! 8)

Might have to give that a try as I’m banging my head on the wall currently. You responded to my post here
about those troubles. Thanks for the input.

Yes, it should be possible through the PC - but using a separate UART is definitely far easier, IMO. 8)

With the plug-in card, you could also use the USB - but that gets a bit messy if the unit restarts… :frowning:

Have you tried the Uart_raw_access sample in the past? Did it just work for you?

(I have been able to get GPRS emails going so have had some success with the unit.)


I think that’s a new feature - haven’t tried it yet.

I’ve just used FCM.

What do you require that can’t be done in FCM?

It was just some example code that reads from the Uart. That’s all I wanted to start from.
Is there another example I could start with, I done a fairly good look for other UART examples and not found anything?