Uarts available

I am looking at an application to use one of the wavecom modules. We were looking at using an Arm7 and GSM module. While searching I came across the wavecom modules. Can someone help me with the following:

  1. Are both Uarts available for external peripherals. Or is one Uart used for the GSM modem? We are looking to write our own C code for the module and need 2 Uarts for peripherals and one for GSM. For now I am looking at the Q26xx series of modules.

  2. How does code get dowmloaded to the modules?



Hi Graeme,

Yes, you can use both UARTs for your application to communicate with external peripherals.

Usually, the application code is loaded through UART1. The same applies to the Wavecom core firmware. If you cannot connect this to a PC, you will only be able to send the code through the GSM/GPRS network using DOTA (download over the air).

However, you might not be able to recover the device if something goes wrong while doing download over the air (at least not without disassembling the device and placing the module into a development board to reflash again). Also, I am not sure if it is possible to upgrade the core firmware over the air. I think it should be but I don’t know if this is only for minor updates… So I think it would be a good idea to have the possibility to connect to a PC somehow.

Best Regards,

Are there any special setups for the internal UART2 of the Fastrack Supreme 10 to communicate with external Peripherals? (for example Hyperterminal)

No - just the usual setups!

I try to set it up on a Development Kit Q26 with a Q2686, which is the same as the Fastrack Supreme 10, excepting that there are 2 UARTs connectors (and some other stuff). If I use the same code for the UART2 which is working on UART1, it should do the same. But I dont get any data over the UART2. I try to establish a PPP connection, which is working over UART1. So I never had the UART2 working before and I just want to know if there are any things which differ between UART 1 and 2.

PS: on the serial port there are DSR and DCD not set. Perhaps that is the problem.

UART1 is enabled by default; UART2 isn’t.

Did you remember the AT+WMFM=0,1,2 :question:

awneil: thank you! That was the missing part…