Downloading firmware other than UART1

Does anybody know how to download an openAT app/firmware through UART2 or USB (not DOTA or UART1) on the Q2686 + Q26 development board?
at the moment we are using “at+wdwl” command and xmodem from hyperterm, or TMT “download Open AT” menu command, but it only works on UART1

You’ll have to “DOTA” over UART2 or USB and implement your own downloader.

ok thanks tobias.
does everyone who uses the eride GPS on uart1 have to implement a DOTA for UART2 or USB?
if anyone has done this or you use the GPS on uart1 and have another solution please contact me.

I implemented an uploader over GSM, works like a charm.
Just send the WDL-File to your modem, write it to flash, use ADL command to write flash -> App.
A timed reboot might be necessary.