Target Monitoring Tool & M1306B

Hi, I’m using Open AT 3.13 and having trouble connecting to the device with Target Monitoring Tool.

In both Hyper Terminal and Terminal Emulator (when run from within TMT) I can successfully send AT commands and start software with WOPEN=1.

But TMT does not see the device. I see no traces (I did include them in my source).

It can not download any info about the modem. When I choose to autodetect the com port settings it responds “No Match”, yet I can send AT commands from Terminal Emulator.

Any idea what is going on? :question:

Is your embedded application using the serial port?

If the embedded application subscribes the serial port, and switches it to data mode, it will not respond to TMT.

You need to allow a delay after your application starts and before it switches the serial port to data mode, and you need to do the TMT ‘Init Target’ in that time. Once the ‘Init Target’ has completed successfully, your application can switch the port to Data mode and the TMT will keep working…

That’s the way it works for me, anyhow… 8)

Yes I was using the serial port, thanks. I was also using autobauding, which doesn’t seem to work with Target Monitoring Tool.

I switched to AT+IPR=9600 and now I get “Unable to find the string of the remote trace in the file (ID = 9243)” when running the Hello_World sample.

But at least it is seeing the modem now :smiley:

That is, in fact, perfectly normal!

Those traces are Wavecom ones which mere mortals like you and I don’t get to see decoded… :frowning:

(you will eventually learn to recognise some of them, eg associated with incoming calls, SMS, etc…)

That’s not a good idea!

The traces can soon overload the link at such a slow speed! :open_mouth:

You should use 115200 (or more, if available!).

Ah, thanks. It did, and I had no idea what was going on until I read this. I changed it to 115200 now, thanks :slight_smile: