Flash storage

I am new in OpenAT but I have urgent need to store and read some data in and out of wismo Quick flash memory. Please if anyone have some usefull code … HELP

Have you looked at the sample applications included with your SDK?

Several of them make use of Flash storage…

I have but there is only application upload and download or RAM cell data upload download (20k max).

That shows you how to use the A&D storage - it’s up to you to take it from there and adapt it to your specific requirements!

For application download, it certainly isn’t limited to 20K - and, as far as the download process is concerned, that doesn’t care whether it’s data or an application that you’re transferring & storing.
The only difference is what it does with the data when the download is complete…

It (and other samples) also illustrates using the ADL Flash Service for non-volatile parameter storage.

I’ve been look out those samples. I have no experience in openAT. It is very dificult to me to analyse and modify those samples, and I only need simple peek and poke :slight_smile: , or something like at#flashwrite and at#flashread.
Anyway is there any other sample that I can analyse (understand) and maybe use?



Message to Awneil: I am a colleague of Zofa and I have reviewed your previous conversation. I understand your standpoint - you can’t learn someone here how to do it.
We are working on the project where we have already built terminals we have to use. Those terminals have installed Wavecom Wismo Quick Q2406E and Q24Plus inside (recently, the latter one is installed in terminals delivered to us). There is and Open AT ready-made application we use (the TCP/IP stack), but we need to add the commands for read and write to Q’s memory. OAT can’t run more than application, so what we need is to modify the stack.
There are two problems here: 1. we do not have the time to learn what is needed to do it now. 2. we do not have the source code of those stacks. I don’t know version numbers at the moment but I can post them tomorrow.
Best solution for us is to find someone to make that software for us. If you can do it yourself, or you know somebody experienced in OAT programming, please let me know - directly to branko.nikitovic@gmail.com, to save the time.
Please reply.
Best regards,

Is that Wavecom’s TCP/IP stack, or a 3rd party?

I imagine that what you really need to do is to leave the stack alone, and modify (the rest of) the application.

If you don’t have the source, there is no realistic chance to modify it.
You will have to go back to the supplier with your revised requirement, and get them to supply a revised application.

Wouldn’t the original supplier be the best one to ask about that?

As I have already explained - it’s impossible, at least at the moment. I certainly wouldn’t try to find another solution if that is an option.