SL6087 - programming; Flash/SRAM size?

I cannot find some important information about programming SL6087 modules:
:arrow_right: what is Flash and SRAM size avalaible for user application? This information is critical for my design as I need about 200kB of free RAM
:arrow_right: how do i deal with peripherals? Does OpenAT provide any set of API functions handling UART and I/O’s?

Sorry if those questions are silly but I’m new to SW modules and feel really confused about them at the moment. Thanks for any advice.

Flash memory refers to a memory chip that holds its content even when the power is switched off. Flash memory is derived from EEPROM.

It can be used to store Open AT® Application and Open AT® Firmware binary files ,configuration related data or any other files.

So a part of Flash( ROM) can be used to store your application. There is a fixed space allocated for A&D +application. By decreasing the A&D size you can increase the Open AT application size if required. This can be done using AT+WOPEN= 6,<A&D size>.

And the maximum RAM size available for Open AT® applications depends on the embedded module RAM capabilities, and on the used memory option at project creation time. The maximum available RAM for an Open AT application is always 1MB less than the actual value of the actual RAM.

For example, if a total of 2 Mb of RAM, then the RAM available for his Open AT® application is 1 Mb, and this value will be displayed with adl_memGETinfo() API.For more information you can refer the ADL User Guide [2.3. Open AT® Memory Resources].

Yes. Open AT provides a GPIO service to handle GPIO operations and device services for handling UART operations. Please refer to the ADL User Guide.

ADL also provides a “Flash” Service which allows the application to store data in some of this non-volatile memory. This is distinct from the A&D Service.

“EEPROM” = Electrically-Eraseable, Programmable, Read-Only Memory

So, literally speaking, Flash is EEPROM.

Does anyone know in which datasheet I can find this information? I can’t find it in the Product Technical Specification, on the website or on the migration guide. Any help?

For Flash & RAM available for Open AT apps, see Section 2.3. Open AT Framework Memory Resources in ADL Manual. RAM is dependent on your Open AT build setting. For Flash, there is a table added in ADL Manual v6.36 which is easier to comprehend.

For total Flash & RAM available on the module, see Section 4.9. Request identification information ATI in Firmware Manual. It can be read in the response of ATI9.