Q2698 - Flash & RAM details required

Dear All,
Need more insight on flash and RAM memories available in Q2698 RF module…
1.Total Flash size
2. A&D Storage size
3. Flash object memory size & maximum number of Objects counts
4.Total RAM & usable RAM
5. ect…


you can use the below AT commands to know the available memory size.

ATI9: RAM/ROM size
AT+WOPEN=6 : display the current A&D storage place size and application space size.
AT+WOPEN=9 : display the current File System place size and the application space size.
Also please note on AirPrime SL808xT & Q2698 embedded modules, as the A&D service is emulated above the file system, this A&D volume is not statically configurable. All A&D data is stored in the file system.

For more information regarding Flash objects and memory you can refer AT command interface guide and ADL User guide for OpenAT application framework.

Link to AT command and ADL user guides: http://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/#tags=Q2698