Q2686 Flash Memory Size and RAM & ROM size

Hi to all,

I am little bit confusion about memory of Q2686G.
I am using flashwrite and flashread functions.In datasheet each flash object max 30kb.
i want to know max size of flash in Q2686G and memory details.



There’s two different types of flash on the Q2686.

There’s the (configuration) flash - accessed by the adl_flhXXX() functions. According to the ADL User guide, there’s about 128k of flash; of which there can only be 2000 object identifiers; the maximum size of data pointed to by each object identifier is roughly 30k; and the flash can be erased/written around 100,000 times. This flash can be written and re-written without any special operations by the user

There’s also the ADL flash - used when downloading applications and is generally used for bulk data storage. This flash is accessed by the adl_adXXX() functions. This area can be resized by using one of the AT+WOPEN commands, and requires special care to erase/re-write.

Check out the FLASH and APPLICATION & DATA STORAGE sections of the ADL user guide for more info.

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Thanks , doubt cleared but which version adl user guide is best ?
can u give the document link of Q2686G?

Thanks is advance

Well, obviously, the one that matches the version of ADL that you are actually using :exclamation: 8)