Size does matter?

Dear friends,
We have a Q2687, what’s the size of the flash memory? It is suppossed to be 4MB but,

You see, its flash capacity is 128Kb. Why is it like that? Is there a problem?

4MB will be the complete size of the chip - clearly, you cant use the entire chip for the ADL Flash data storage service…

Hei!!, i have the same question. If tou look at the AT+WOPEN=6, you can watch the size of memory wich is supposed to be used for AT apliccation and AyD size. In the q2687H model this size is 1.2Mbytes (for the Oatsize + A&D).

So, doing some math, 4Mbytes Total Flash size = 1.2Mbytes (Oatsize and A&D) + 131Kbytes (the memory you said) + ???(memory wich i cant understand ).

I really dont understand what does the module with that free memory.

Thanks a lot!!!

Where do you think the GSM stack lives?
And Open-AT itself?

Ok, so tour saying that i only have 131Kbytes of the ROM memory to store data?. The rest of it its unaccesible to the user?.
If i buy a 2687H unit i would have more space to use??.

Thank u so much!, i really nedd to know this for my design.

I think you can best put this question to your Distributor, they can then advise you to what options your module should have

Thank u so much!!, ill do that!!.

Thank again!!!

Well your distributor won’t tell you anything new. You have 128K of FLASH space for user data. And you can use up to 1,2Mb of A&D space for your data but with much more efforts than with FLASH. And with 2686G of 2687G revisions you will have more RAM the same amount of FLASH and probably more A&D space.

Possibly not - but it is usually far more effective to discuss these things face-to-face in your own language, etc…

Your distributor should be able to remove the “probably”…