file system?

I am looking at a development that would require an external flash connected either on SPI or I2C on an extension card. The ideal would be to use the file system commands for this, but the latest adl user guide that I have (6.35) does not have any documentation of them. When looking at the development site and AT development with FX, it gives me the file system example. Can I use it with the FXT009 and where can I find documentation.


See and the following couple of posts

The file system service in firmware 6.51 and later I believe are only for the internal flash.

Thanks for the inputs. I now have the documentation for 6.52, and it looks like by providing my own drivers (ADL_FS_PROVIDED_STORAGE) (for the installation, I will probably require some assistance later). Anyway, now that I see the documentation, I have a further question on the file system type. If I use an SD card, will the file system be something readable by a Windows or Linux machine or is it Sierra Wireless proprietary (I.E. sierra’s own invention)?

Appreciate the help.