FXT002 internal expansion board developer guide

Hi All,

Can someone point me at a developer guide that will allow me to create an internal expansion board.

I need board dimensions, signal names, pin connections, signalling levels etc.



sierrawireless.com/en/siteco … Cards.ashx

I’m looking for the technical specifications documents as well

Have you asked your Distributor or FAE ?

IIRC, there was (eventually) a DXF on the old Wavecom site - but I can’t see anything on the new SiWi site :unamused:

Wavecom anounced this IESM concept as an “Open” i[/i] interface - but they never really delivered on that. :angry:

Maybe SiWi have just abandoned that idea…?

Note that even the Molex connector is still not properly documented:


That’s a readily-accessible user interface - if that’s still not properly documented, what hope is there for something really technical like the IESM…?