Fastrack Supreme?


There isn’t a specific section for this yet…

Has anyone yet seen any details or specification of this “open” interface?
Or when it might be released?

It’s not very “open” if the specifications are unpublished…! :unamused:


Same problem for me. I’m going to write to the support: eventually I will let you know.



Documents are now available, although still marked “preliminary” and missing some details. Contact your distributor for details.

Three plug-in boards will initially be made:

  1. GPS + USB
  2. GPS + USB + IO
  3. USB + IO

As far as I can tell, it’s basically just one board design with options on some features being fitted or not fitted.

The USB is a slave (device);
The IO gives access to UART2, 5 GPIOs, a DAC, an ADC, and SPI.

Again, contact your distributor for details and availability.

Hope that helps,



OK, so the specifications are now available - at least on request from your distributor.

But the footer on each page says:

So how can it be called “open” when it’s firmly closed by a legal notice like that?!


Don’t be too serious with these “leagal” terms… I got many documents marked with “confidential” but not strictly controlled actually.

I think it is meaningless to say it ‘open’ or ‘closed’ if you can find it easily using popular search engine like : … %3Apdf&lr=




Please, can anybody post the address about the Fastrack Supreme specification and documentation?
I’m not able to find them on the


PS: any link to the Fastrack Extreme documentation also?

Thanks, bye.


I’ve said it twice already in this thread - you need to contact your Distributor! :unamused:

That’s because they aren’t there - you need to contact your Distributor!

Or, as Wallace said,


Sorry and thanks anyway! :blush:


My distributor says that there is no specification available yet: may be in a month. :cry:


Your distributor is clearly not trying very hard! :angry:

Are there any alternative distributors you could contact?

As I said above, I got the specs from my distributor back in September! 8)



Would you like to check with me our documents version? Here is the list:

Delta M1306B-Fastrack Supreme-9march2007.pdf - Revision: 1.0a
Fastrack Supreme User Guide- 23feb2007.pdf - Revision: 001a
IESM installation Guide GPS+USB.pdf - Revision: 001 22 February 2007
IESM Installation Guide IO+USB.pdf - Revision: 001 12 March 2007
IESM PTS.pdf - Revision: 001 7th March 2007
IESM User Guide GPS+USB-27Feb2007.pdf - Revision: 001
IESM User Guide IO+USB-14march2007.pdf - Revision: 001



Sure - I’ve added the revision & date of the versions that I have at the end of each line:

Rev  Date              Rev   Date
Delta M1306B-Fastrack Supreme-9march2007.pdf - 1.0a                   1.0d  1 Jun 07
Fastrack Supreme User Guide- 23feb2007.pdf -   001a                   001e  5 Jun 07

IESM installation Guide GPS+USB.pdf -          001  22 February 2007  001   6 Jun 07
IESM User Guide GPS+USB-27Feb2007.pdf -        001                    001   6 Jun 07
IESM Installation Guide IO+USB.pdf -           001  12 March 2007     001   5 Jun 07
IESM User Guide IO+USB-14march2007.pdf -       001                    001   5 Jun 07

IESM PTS.pdf -                                 001  7th March 2007    001   5 Jun 07

So it seems that Wavecom have been changing the dates without updating the revision numbers! :angry:



I got the date from inside the document: I think you did the same, isn’t? :confused:


PS: sorry for the “stupid” question but I need to be sure in order to complain with my distributor. :imp:


I’d be interested to know which distributor told you that as the documents have been available for several months. If you can, please send me a personal message as poor distributor support = poor Wavecom image and we need to address that!