Memory resources inquiry?


Can someone please share with me information on what memory (flash, ram, and/or flashcard) capacity is available in the GL6110 and/or the Fasttrack Xtend programmable modems? I am looking at a project in which we may have to buffer/hold some files pushed down from a central server over the cellular connection, and mimic a USB Mass storage device for the embedded system it is attached to. Additionally, we may also have need of creating small event logging files in the modem (if possible) which would be uploaded to a central server when prompted/initiated.

I’ve looked through the product datasheets, etc. but information on the memory resources available in these units is apparently absent. If there is not enough storage on the modems themselves we will have to make plans to do a host controller board spin to incorporate flash storage there.

thanks in advance for any info


Hi Mike,

The flash size may vary for different products and models.

You can store your data in either flash objects or A&D storage.
If you have such modem on hand, you can check using AT+WOPEN=6 (FYI, I get up to 4864 KBytes on one of my module).

For details, please refer to ADL user guide, section 2.3.2.

Hope this helps.


Thanks - but I haven’t got a unit in hand at the moment - I am trying to find out this information so that we can make a good purchasing decision - we have a VERY short development timeframe and I am trying to pick out units which are more likely to be suitable for our needs. The (2) models (GL6110 or Fasttrack GPRS/GSM units) are two units which seem like they might be usable for our purposes, and priced appropriately for the budget given for additional cost per production unit. I am hoping that someone here who has either of these models can share this info - it would be very nice if Sierra would add this sort of important data to their product datasheets.

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So speak to your local Distributor :exclamation:

All the more reason to discuss the full project with your Distributor - you really need to know that you have good, local support!