Questions about FX30S

I’ve tried searching, but the documentation is scattered and difficult to find.

Have a few questions about the FX30S. We are looking for an IoT device that will transmit audio in near-real-time (2 to 5 minutes delay is okay) to the cloud. Our constraints are power, since this device will be solar/battery powered and needs to be as small as possible and needs to operate 24/7. My idea is develop and on-baord application that bursts the data to the cloud via the 3g modem. This means we would need to burst data every two minutes, or so for 10 seconds. The modem would be put into flight mode outside of this. Does this sound feasible?

My questions are:

  • How much usable memory (RAM) does the onboard micro controller/processor have? What is the onboard micro processor/controller?
  • Are the Sierra modems locked to a particular vendor?

Thanks in advance.


What you have suggested is feasible on the surface but the devil is always in the detail. The answers to your questions are in the WP8548 PTS which the FX30 uses at its core is at the link below.

The answers to the specific questions are

  • There is 256MB flash/128MB RAM for the application core which is a 550 cortex A5 running Legato Linux.
  • No we do not lock our units to any particular network.

I would suggest talking to one of our distributors about what would be the best choice for you.