Memory issues relating to the FXT003 / Q26 module

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I need some Non-volatile data storage within an FXT003, or later after cost reduction within a Q26 module (as used within an FXT003).

Is it possible to battery back up the whole SRAM within the unit ? If so details of power supply please.

It appears possible to use the “A&D service” to store data in FLASH, I need to know the lifetime (number of writes) that the internal FLASH can tolerate. I am currently looking at read-modify-write every 15 minutes which means that the FLASH will get about 130k writes per year…

Is there (even a small amount) of EEPROM available to the user. I need to store trail-of-crumbs diagnostic data away from main memory. I possibly need 32 bytes.

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flash memory physical limitation is the erasure cycle number which is granted to
be at least 100.000 times.

No, its not available to the user.


Q26 has emulation of eeprom. Your data is stored in flash but in different sectors so it could be used as eeprom. You can have up to 1500 KB of such data.
Or you can use A&D storage which is stored in flash directly. You can use up to 2 MB of such storage.

It’s not possible to separately supply just the RAM.

However, it is possible to put the unit into a low-power “sleep” mode - see the PTS for details.

ADL provides both the “Flash Service” and the “A&D Service”

If it is of any use to you, there is also persistent memory in the device – RAM area that will keep its data over reboots.
Power cycling will erase this memory, but soft reboots will not.


I don’t think it’s actually erased as such?