Battery Backup-ed Memory


Hi everyone,

Does anyone know if the Wismo modules have a memory area which is preserved by the RTC battery during power loss ? How could anyone access this memory?



Hi orytel !

Flash memory and A&D memory are EEPROM.

Have a look to ADL (Flash and Application & Data Storage services) or Basic (OS and Application & Data Storage API) pdf documentation.


Hi colin-tfe

Thanks for the reply. My mistake. I meant RAM memory with battery backup. I need to write 1K of data once per second, at least, and need this data to be kept during power loss. There is a battery backup power pin on the modules (pin 56 VCC_RTC). I was wondering whether this pin supplies a part of the RAM memory when the power is gone. If anyone knows, please help.

Thank you


What does your power supply look like? ON/OFF or simple of the supply lines? Battery down?

Maybe there is a way…

E.g. a button for power down connected to the module (e.g. INT)
Data in internal RAM. On power down request copy data to flash and switch off the supply with an gpio line.

For low power detection maybe you have to invest in some chicken feed :smiley:



Thanks Heinz for the tip. It’s a new design so I might be able to perform all these actions before powering down the module.
Thanks again,