I2C EEPROM Interface problem

I am trying to interface an EEPROM(ATMEL 24C256) with tmy wismo q2406b. I subscribed to I2C hard bus by

I2CH=adl_busSubscribe( ADL_BUS_TYPE_I2C_HARD | 0x52, ADL_BUS_I2C_HARD_CLK_STD );

(where 0x52 is the device address.)

and the returned value of the handle is which means success.
Then when I am trying to read or write to the memory by

MEMH=adl_busRead( I2CH,NULL,24,I2CREAD );

MEMH=adl_busWrite( I2CH,NULL, 24, I2CWRITE );

(where I2CREAD and I2CWRITE are two 24 byte ascii arrays)

The value returned by this two functions are which doesnot makes any sense as the meaning of the value returned by this two functions are not given in the documentation.Then the wismo module gets restarted instead of performing the read or write operation. Please HELP.

Hello friends please help me.PLEASE.I am really in a big problem regarding this.
if possible please help me with the required code sample about how to use I2C soft bus to and which pins should I connect to access an external external memory(EEPROM).

With the Soft I2C, you choose which pins you want to use!

Note that external pull-ups are required.