Permanent storage of image in SL6087

Dear Developers.

i have a project which requires me to Download an image permanently in SL6087 internal memory and read it when ever required.
please suggest me how to proceed. thanks in advance


Which firmware version you planned to use?

Actually, there are three type of storage available for user:

  • Flash Object (up to 30KBytes)
  • A&D
  • File System (introduced since OAT Framework 2.52, FW R7.52)

And according to Open AT Application Framework 2.52 announcement [url]]

Both A&D and File System seems suitable (not flash object as maybe too small for storing image)…
So depends on the FW version you used, either A&D or File System can be used. Samples code is available for both storage.

Also, please refer to ADL User guide section 2.3.2 for Flash Resources available.

@ lotam thank you very much…
i think thats quite a lot of information to start with … i was plannin to use flash memory but i ll try file system now