How to load a audio file onto flash from hard drive

I am trying to load a .amr file from my pc to flash of the airprime module. I want to store my file permanently on flash so that it can be played on receiving a call from a specific number, Please suggest me a best way/API to load a file from pc to flash of module.


What I normally do is embed the sound file in the code itself by making it a u8* array. I have written a program that makes these arrays out of any file. As for saving these files onto the flash, I can’t help because I haven’t done it myself.

Let me know if you want me to share that program


Please send me the code, any information will be helpful for me.


OK, here is the exe for the application (written in C#) that converts any file into an array that can be placed in your code. Rename the file to a .exe (stupid extension filters :x )

As for playing the AMR file on the device, I am clueless and also wanting this information!

Anyone that can give any hints would be great…

Tyrone (24 KB)

Thanks for the code, now i am trying by converting the file into hex, and take it into array and access this as an buffer to play,( suggested by some one, I am not really sure whether this works.) i will try even .NET code also and reply.

Thanks ,


It is working, i am able to play the file except it is playing some garbage at the end, trying to work out on solution to remove garbage sound, i am not able to figure out the cause, i am having multiple files with different sizes to play, thanks for the tool,