General questions


I wasn’t sure where to best post this, sorry if there is a better place;

We developed our initial app to use ras, but find ourselves wondering if it’s possible to cut down on the connection and the overhead associated with ras (about 14 sec call time (just for connect/disconnect), and about a 1.5-2k overhead per call ).

I’m using the q2438f modem ( cdma ), and we’re looking at a few options to decrease that time, and would appreciate any comments on the different areas

  1. sms (or alternative) - are we able to send directy to an email address somehow (without requiring a full ras connection) - in spots 15 secs is too long where we have just a small window to the cell tower.

  2. For the Q2438f, what other good development options are there (openat, brew, etc) for minimizing overhead & connect speed & not having too long a time to market.

  3. Going with the recommended item in 2) how long does it take to make&release a tcp/ip connection & what type of overhead does it take?

  4. is there a minimum firmware/ide that you would recommend having for that development enviroment

Thank-you very very much for all your input & information.